<i>Seet Hsu Yonchyen</i> <i>Engineer.</i> <i>Project Manager.</i> <i>Consultant.</i>
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Seet Hsu Yonchyen Engineer. Project Manager. Consultant.

Armed with almost 30 years of international project management experience, working amongst the most diverse cultural regions; Seet is recognised for his dynamism and ability to orchestrate, organise and deliver the full project life cycle. He has successfully managed various projects within tight deadlines, challenging cash flows constraints and highly challenging budgets.

With continual education in Business Administration, a strong technical background in Civil & Structural Engineering, plus experience in tendering and costing, Seet is able to synergise technical knowledge together with business acumen into a total package of highly effective Strategic and Project Management.
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Work Experience

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Civil Engineer
During this job, I was involved in the development of public housing in SengKang/Pongol New Town and also for the large scale land reclamation project at Marina Bay, Tanjong Rhu worth SGD 360mil. Further more I was involved in many projects in the development of Singapore's Southern Islands waterfront and Marina.
April 1995
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Acting General Manager
I was direct reporting to the Chairman in the last held appointment of Acting General Manager, and led the organisation towards getting their ISO9001 Quality Assurance certification. I was also key in the restructuring and re-engineering of the organisation's operations that resulting in a 20% increase in efficiency.
April 1997
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Resident Engineer
In this role, I was mainly working on the construction of underpass and overhead link way to MRT Stations. Here I was tasked to create the Site Temporary Structure Design and also review other designs in the project. I was also responsible for the Construction Quality Assurance and Safety Audits of the site.
December 1999
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Project Manager
In this job, I was working on various MRT tunnelling projects around the country and specifically the one at Changi Airport. I was also managing the rock blasting and hill stabilisation work around NUS and Bukit Batok.
June 2000
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Senior Project Manager
As part of a local infrastructure and building contractor, my main activities were building and infrastructure construction, port and airport development, maintenance of properties, airports and seaport.
November 2001
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Senior Project Manager
In this role, I was responsible for the resort constructions across the region. Some of the notable achievements amongst these projects were early completion with substantial cost savings, in particular, Banyan Tree Seychelles, Angsana Velavaru, and Angsana Velavaru In Ocean Villas.
February 2004
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Regional Project Manager
The position entailed the strategic planning and management of annual capital funds in excess SGD250mil for the Asia Pacific region. The position oversees Halliburton’s new development and expansion of facilities and offices across the AP region.
December 2010